Air Consult Engineering aims at developing in the Pharma/Biotech and Healthcare sectors on the basis of successful references and to be recognized in the profession as:

An expert and reliable partner for helping in the realization of complex projects, where Contamination and Environmental Control is predominant, such as particulate or micro-biological contamination control, aseptic processes, containment, temperature/humidity control...

Competent resources of similar culture for capital projects realization, from feasibility up to validation.

An end-user focused organisation for the Installations Life-Cycle Issues, for e.i. Problem Solving.

With the following unique strengths for:

  • Specialized Facilities:
    With special focus on customization and detailed adaptation to the end-user needs.
  • High Level of Constraints
    Our flexibility and ability to integrate the technical, organizational and regulatory constraints for e.i. critical systems, fast-track projects, interfaces with existing systems.
  • Regulatory Consultancy : GMP, PIC/S, ...
    Our ability to intervene upfront for the Project Definition in full compliance with the latest regulations..

ACE is committed to provide added value services based on a unique 3-dimensional pedestal:

  • Skills
  • Methods
  • Behaviours