Project Management ("Maîtrise d'Oeuvre")

Air Consult Engineering takes the leadership of the Project Team, in addition to the role of Mechanical/Electrical Design Company.

This intervention is particularly efficient when the project is predominantly driven by the Mechanical/Electrical installations.

Leader or Partner in a "Design & Build" Team or in a "Bouw Team"

For fast-track projects, the Client can set up a Design & Build Team, selecting ahead of the project the preferred suppliers that will be part of the Project Team.

Air Consult can fill the role of Leader or Partner of the team depending on the type and scale of the project, and the related importance between Building and Techniques.

Building Services Design Team

Integrated in a Project Team, Air Consult Engineering takes in charge the Mechanical/Electrical Design, the selection of suppliers and the works supervision up to the commissioning, qualification and validation.

Air Consult acts as sub-contractor of the Architect or of the Project Manager or is directly appointed by the Client.


  • Programming
    • Project Definition
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Facility Master Planning
  • Equipment & Logistics
    • Personnel and Material Flows Analysis
    • Specialized Equipment Specifications
  • Technical
    • Problem Solving on existing systems
    • Systems Improvements and Optimization
    • Energy Optimization Studies
  • Regulatory
    • Regulatory, GMP Audits
    • Validation Master Planning