Air Consult Engineering provides Engineering Services and GMP/Validation Consulting Services in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors based on our expertise in Controlled Environments with a wide range of applications : clean rooms, aseptic areas, biosafety & radioactivity contained areas, climatic chambers, animal facilities, hospital critical areas, specialized laboratories with high level of constraints, distribution or production of ultra-pure utilities, manufacturing and process equipments (isolators, decontamination systems, …), specialized materials handling, …

Thanks to a 50 people multidisciplinary team (including architects for cleanrooms finishings), as an independent design company, Air Consult takes project full responsibility for new units construction, existing zones revamping and critical interventions in plant shutdown, problems solving on existing installations.

Air Consult Engineering intervenes in all phases of the project by taking account the needs of all project’s stakeholders - Transversal Approach -  from project definition, based on its GMP expertise, up to detailed commissioning and qualification of entire facilities; through feasibility studies, basic design, detailed design, procurement, site supervision and construction management.

In this way, Air Consult Engineering can provide a full integrated and tailor-made approach for each of its specific clients.

Along with its industrial experience, Air Consult Engineering has developed a reliable methodology in project’s management and can also provide services to define process/production equipments, scale-up and automation of production processes.